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“Damon, look at me…” she said turning to face him, his beauty was so striking, so were his regrets.

“I can’t, it’s too much to forgive.” He starred blankly at the ceiling remembering all those horrible things he had done to Caroline. He beat her, pushed her around, fed on her. 

“But I do.” she leaned in closer.

“You can’t, I’m not worth it.”

“But Damon you are, you are worth it. You may have compelled me to keep your secret about being a vampire and yes you abused me and used me, but one thing you didn’t compel was my attraction to you. You never compelled me to care about you, but I do I care about you, and I forgive you.” 

“Caroline…” Damon said finally look into her eyes. 

“I love you” Caroline said leaning in and kissing him on the lips. At first he was resistant then he leaned in and kissed her back. His heart was sound, she had forgiven him, she wanted to be with him, she loved him and he loved her back. 

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